Paint Branch Educational Foundation


Safeway and eScrip Update

It was announced that starting August 1, 2015, Safeway is no longer participating in the eScrip program. What this means is that contributions are no longer based on your purchases when you shop at any Safeway stores.

We have been very fortunate to have this source of funding for the Paint Branch HS Educational Foundation, and during the 2014-2015 school year, we earned approximately $1,200 – enough to fund 2 mini-grants to staff or two scholarships to seniors! We are very appreciative of your support in this fundraising effort.

One important thing to remember is that eScrip is not ending, just the association they have with Safeway. The $1,200 we earned was primarily from Safeway contributions, but we also earned a much smaller amount – less than $50 – from the other eScrip partners.

What we are hoping is that you will remember us when shopping online – and use the click through from our website to the eScrip online mall, which includes sites such as! Increasing our income from online shopping will help offset the great loss from the end of Safeway’s contributions.

Before you shop online, just go to our eScrip info page and scroll down to the eScrip Online Mall logo. Click on it, and a new window will open. It will ask you to login or register; If you want to register, then all you need provide is an email address and your name. You must also specify when you register which organization you are supporting. You are allowed to select up to three, so you can support your other children’s schools too! If you do not want to sign up, then you can sign-in use the following email address we set up – – no password required! Any online shopping you do after that will benefit our organization, and thus our school! Learn more about How to use the Online Mall.

eScrip also has a dining rewards component. If you register your credit card in your account profile, whenever you use it when eating out at certain restaurants, we will get a percentage of what you spend. Learn more about eScrip Dining.

Of course, we would also love any direct donations you might be willing to make to help offset this loss in income. We always want to do more for our students and staff and are only limited by the amount of money we can raise! There is a link for direct donations at the top of this page.