Paint Branch Educational Foundation


PBHS Educational Foundation: What is it and will it continue to exist?

The PBHS Educational Foundation was founded in 2007 and exists to provide financial support to staff and students of Paint Branch High School. Your Foundation spends almost 100% of all funds raised in two ways.

1) By providing mini-grants to staff each fall that provide financial support for educational activities that are not in the MCPS budget. Examples include:

    Bio-diversity projects for 120 students
    Chorus and Band performances at the Atlanta Festival
    Grow Light system for use by 400 biology students
    Funds to build a second TV production set and zoom lenses for photojournalist students
    Measurement equipment for a Physics Video Studio

2) By providing scholarships to graduating seniors that can be used for higher education costs including college, technical and trade schools.

Over the past 8 years the Foundation has invested:
    $27,000 in scholarships to seniors, and,
    over $19,000 in mini-grants to Paint Branch High School staff

Almost all of the current members of the Board of Directors have been serving for the nine years since its inception. We have remained on the Board even though our children have long graduated from the school, we have retired from working at the school, we work at another school, or no longer work in the community, because we feel the work we do makes a difference to our staff and students. However, it has become increasingly hard to raise funds and find new people willing to serve on our Board. After much debate, we have reached the difficult decision that unless we can find some new Board members to carry our Foundation forward, we will be forced to cease operation in the summer of 2018.

As you consider a charitable contribution this year that will directly impact the entire school community, think of the PBHS Educational Foundation. All of your donations are completely tax-deductible. Make your gift today by visiting our website and read more about how your contributions are used.

If you feel that the work of the Educational Foundation is important and want to see it continue beyond 2018, then please consider volunteering to become a part of the Board of Directors. Our Board meetings are always open to any interested community members, and we are happy to explain our work and typical meeting calendar.