Paint Branch Educational Foundation


Paint Branch High School Educational Foundation Awards $3,500.00 in Grants Benefitting Paint Branch Staff and Students in 2013-2014

The Board of Directors of the Paint Branch High School Educational Foundation is pleased to announce the awarding of eight mini-grants to Paint Branch High School staff.

The eight winning mini-grants will benefit a variety of programs and classes at the school:

1. Grant: New Television Set for the Morning Announcements – Leslie Greene, Television Production Teacher
The television production students are in need of a second set for the morning announcements. With this second set, lights are needed. The $500.00 grant would go to help offset the cost of the lights.

The second set will offer all students a forum to discuss current issues germane to all members of the Paint Branch community, but globally as well. It will help the television production students to gain more on the job training by performing a live round table discussion. The skills for this type of show are very different than the skills for a news show. Students will have a more enriched television production experience with this second set.

2. Grant: Mainstream – Publishing of color pages – Brian Woodward, Journalism Teacher
As printing costs – especially for color pages – continue to rise, the newspaper consistently struggles to keep up with these fees. Everyone wins with color printing! Really – since USA Today began as one of the first to publish each cover section of its newspaper in color over 20 years ago it has become the industry standard. In the tough economy, the newspaper’s ad sales have lagged behind past years and some of the other schools in the county due to fewer businesses who are willing to invest and advertise. This $500.00 grant will provide a partial make-up of the low ad revenue and continue to support the high quality publication that the Paint Branch community expects.

3. Grant: 9th Grade Homework Center – Elizabeth Maione, French Teacher, Connie Yeh, Science Teacher, Samantha Millman, English Teacher and Kimberly Feher, Math Teacher
The 9th Grade Homework Center’s mission is to ensure that freshman start out their high school career academically eligible. The transition from middle school to high school can be rough, and a big part of that is extra homework. The homework center provides students with a safe place to work on homework and receive individualized tutoring, as well as tips on organization, study skills, and time management.

The $300.00 mini-grant will provide healthy snacks for students who attend the Homework Center. The snacks provide them with energy, which they need at the end of a long day and help them focus on their studies. They also provide an incentive for students to attend the Homework Center and motivate students to stay after school and receive the help they need.

4. Grant: Educating and Beautifying Simultaneously – Karen Sondak, Environmental Science Teacher
Paint Branch High School grounds lack biological diversity that can be assessed by the student body. Little by little it is the intent of the Horticulture teacher to add more areas of interest around the school by diversifying the plantings.

One area that has been targeted for a face lift is the small area outside the cafeteria. Currently this small area has only grass planted on it. Once the horticulture students are taught how to do a garden design there will be a competition for the best herb garden design, the winning design will get planted in this grassy area. The $500.00 min-grant will help buy the plants, planting materials and sun dial. Most of the herbs will be perennials that will live on from year to year. The center of the plot can have some of the more common annual herbs like basil and dill.

The center of the herb garden would have a sun dial that the Astronomy students could use as well as being a focal point for the herb garden. The Culinary Arts and Food Trends instructors could utilize the garden for their requirement of fresh herbs in their cooking. We can grow a wide array of herb varieties, including savory culinary classics as well as mint and other herbs. Plants will be the unifying theme around the various disciplines taught at Paint Branch High School.

5. Grant: Performance and Competition Trip to the Atlanta Festival – Christine Mitchell, Choral Teacher
This $500.00 mini-grant will help provide support to the Music Department. The Band and Chorus are traveling to Atlanta in April 2014 to perform and compete in the Atlanta festival. This grant will help fund part of the costs associated with the trip.

An opportunity to perform in such a venue is rare but for these students, well deserved. Students will remember this opportunity always. Their hard work continues to keep music alive and respected here at Paint Branch.

6. Grant: Reading for Bread and Roses – Arjunia Oakley, Academic Support Teacher
Students on the Academic Reading and College Preparatory Literacy classes are required to spend part of each class independently reading books from the classroom library. The program recommends that teachers provide a comfortable, separate reading area in the classroom for this reading time.

The $200.00 mini-grant would be used to purchase the specialty headphones required for accessing the Read 180 program. The headphones are in use daily and are beginning to wear out. These funds would be very helpful in replacing the worn out headphones currently in use.

7. Grant: The Physics Video Studio – David Zaleski, Physics Teacher
Students need frequent opportunities to investigate real physical phenomena (e.g. the acceleration of a car rolling down a hill) in an engaging setting with meaningful learning. Observing, measuring, and analyzing real phenomena is very different than solving word problems from a textbook. The goal of the Physics Video Studio is to provide a way for students to have many experiences like this in and around the classroom.

The $500.00 mini-grant will be used to support the creation of a Physics Video Studio at Paint Branch. Specifically, items will be bought and built to observe and measure real physical phenomena such as rolling balls, hanging weights, cars on hills, descending elevators, and the like. The Physics Video Studio takes advantage of readily available video technology. A typical video will be taken in the classroom using a smartphone, then emailed to the teacher, and then displayed on the Promethean Board using a player that allows slow motion, frame-by-frame analysis. All the funds will be used for items that will make the videos better with an emphasis on easy measurement of times and distances, not video equipment.

8. Grant: Healthy Eating: A Guide to Good Nutrition – Sandra Levine, Culinary Arts and Food Trends Teacher
This $500.00 mini-grant will fund the purchase of a set of five DVDs. These eye-catching, teen-friendly videos will be used to compliment the Food Trends curriculum. They are: Basic Nutrition, Nutrition and Weight Management, Nutrition for Sports, Nutrition and Eating Disorders, and Food Safety and Disease.

These videos focusing on healthy eating and fitness will stimulate meaningful dialogue in the classroom and empower students to make informed and wise choices about their personal nutrition.