Paint Branch Educational Foundation


Paint Branch High School Educational Foundation Awards $3,355.00 in Grants Benefitting Paint Branch Staff and Students in 2014-2015

The Board of Directors of the Paint Branch High School Educational Foundation is pleased to announce the awarding of eight mini-grants to Paint Branch High School staff.

The eight winning mini-grants will benefit a variety of programs and classes at the school:

1. Grant: Paint Branch Beautiful – Art and Horticulture – Emily Aumaitre, Art Teacher and Karen Sondak, Horticulture Teacher
The Arts and Science departments want to address the needs of the Horticulture students in a creative context. The goal is to inspire the Horticulture students to think creatively and the Art students to think more scientifically, thus connecting the two disciplines. A side benefit is to serve the school by continuing to beautify it.

The $500 grant will be used to bring the Art and Horticulture students together to closely observe the plant world, the garden, nature, and our relationship with all of it. The students will express themselves through pots that they will design, paint, and tile with mosaics. Students will be challenged to consider how engaging in art and horticulture can make you a better world citizen, and how horticultural art can be employed to impact the consciousness of the public.

2. Grant: Mainstream – Publishing of color pages – Brian Woodward, Journalism Teacher
As printing costs – especially for color pages – continue to rise, the newspaper consistently struggles to keep up with these fees. Everyone wins with color printing! Really – since USA Today began as one of the first to publish each cover section of its newspaper in color over 20 years ago it has become the industry standard. In the tough economy, the newspaper’s ad sales have lagged behind past years and some of the other schools in the county due to fewer businesses who are willing to invest and advertise. This $500.00 grant will provide a partial make-up of the low ad revenue and continue to support the high quality publication that the Paint Branch community expects.

3. Grant: Phenomenal Women Group – Karla Calloway – ED Cluster RTSE and Margaret Flagg – MCPS Social Worker
Paint Branch High School’s “Phenomenal Woman” group strives for education, understanding, and goal setting techniques for at-risk girls in the school. The $500 grant will be used to enhance social/emotional learning so the students will acquire skills to plan, organize, and look forward to what comes after High School. The students will brainstorm the topics for their meetings. Guest speakers form the community will be used to address the topics of interest.

This grant will enable these “Phenomenal Women” to encourage each other and support each other in order to become hopeful, responsible, and active members of their community. Our mission, our purpose is to provide an open forum to help these young women help themselves through education, discussion and modeling.

4. Grant: Biology Plant LITE Cart – Pamela Leffler, Science Teacher
The $500 grant will be used to purchase a grow-light system. The grow light system will allow more students to participate in projects and allow them to collect data each day on the progress of their plant project during their class time. There are 22 class sections involved in these projects.

The grow light system will allow biology students to conduct their own investigations as required by the specific curriculum. The students will be able to chart the progress of their experiment, collect data during class time and complete a write up for the lab or inquiry project. The AP Biology curriculum requires students to complete several labs (transpiration and natural selection) using Wisconsin Fast Plants. All of the labs require a grow-light system. This grow light system will directly impact the ability of the students to complete the labs successfully.

5. Grant: Chef Coats and Equipment for Restaurant Management Students – Sue McWilliams, Restaurant Management Teacher
Students in the Restaurant Management & Culinary Arts program run the school restaurant: The Panther Paw. While working, students need chef coats for protection of their clothing, and for presentation. The chef coats are designed from special material that will also prevent students from overheating while keeping them cool in a hot kitchen.

The $500 grant will allow for the purchase of the coats. This will not only offer students protection from food and keep them cool. Chef coats are a traditional uniform for all working chefs.

6. Grant: Focus on Me – Nutritious Eating DVDs and Lesson Plans – Sandy Levine, Culinary Arts and Food Trends Teacher
There are three subjects that are especially of interest and concern to the students: Nutrition for Athletes; Farm to Table: Eating Organic; and Eating Disorders. It is very important that these topics be presented in a dynamic and up to date manner that will fully engage the students.

This $155 grant will be used to purchase a DVD with the most current, on-target nutrition information for athletes with teaching materials included, 200 pages of lesson plans to introduce the connection between proper nutrition and peak performance, on and off the athletic field, and a 31slide presentation on organic food standards that reviews issues related to the environment, pesticides and safety.

7. Grant: Best Buddies – Annual Chapter Fees – Judy Oppenheimer – Paraeducator and Club Sponsor
Best Buddies is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to establishing a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Best Buddies High Schools fosters one-to-one friendships between students with and without IDD. The high school years are a time of heightened social and emotional development and can be difficult even for those without IDD. Best Buddies High Schools helps break through social barriers at an important time in a young person’s life.

This $300 grant will pay for the Best Buddies chapter annual dues to the main organization. Best Buddies is an incredible opportunity for both the students with IDD and their non-disabled peers to develop leadership skills and to engage as active members of their community.

8. Sports Photojournalism – Camera Telephoto Lenses – Joanna Yoder, Photography Teacher
Students in photography classes are gaining real world experience by photographing school events like football games, pep rally, etc. In order to be masters of sports photography students need access to the appropriate zoom lenses. This $400 grant will fund the purchase of two telephoto lenses.

Students are really motivated to do this type of photography. Many will ask me for cameras to photograph the games when it is not even an assignment. Having access to lenses will increase student involvement in school activities and improve their photography skills. It will prepare them for careers as professional photographers. Students take a lot of pride when they see their photos featured on the school website.