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The Paint Branch High School Educational Foundation, Inc. is an all volunteer, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2007.  Governed by a Board of Directors, the Foundation supports programs that provide a positive and comprehensive educational experience for all students. Our programs provide financial support for scholarships, programs and services that support students, staff and families of Paint Branch High School.



Mini-grant applications for the 2017-2018 school year have been awarded. Visit the news page for info on who received grants. Scholarships applications for 2018 are now available. Click on the link below:

Scholarship Application 2018



Your donations are tax-deductible and make a difference in the local community. Visit our Donate page.



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Latest News

Paint Branch High School Educational Foundation Awards $4000.00 in Grants Benefitting Paint Branch Staff and Students

The Board of Directors of the Paint Branch High School Educational Foundation is pleased to announce the awarding of eight mini-grants to Paint Branch High School staff.

The eight winning mini-grants will benefit a variety of programs and classes at the school:

1. Grant: Mainstream – Publishing of School Newspaper with color pages – Brian Woodward, Journalism Teacher
As printing costs – especially for color pages – continue to rise, the newspaper consistently struggles to keep up with these fees.   Everyone wins with color printing!  Really – since USA Today began as one of the first to publish each cover section of its newspaper in color over 20 years ago it has become the industry standard. In the tough economy, the newspaper’s ad sales have lagged behind past years and some of the other schools in the county due to fewer businesses who are willing to invest and advertise.  This $500.00 grant will provide a partial make-up of the low ad revenue and continue to support the high quality publication that the Paint Branch community expects.

2. Grant: TV Production/Radio Production Portable Field Set-ups – Daniel Burgos, Media Service Technician
Students who participate in the TV Production & Radio Production Program receive experience and learn the necessary skills to prepare them for employment, entrepreneurship, and/or post-secondary education related to on site Portable Field Set-ups for live shoots and coverage of live events requiring sound reinforcement. However, as the TV & Radio Broadcast Technology is ever-changing with new skills, techniques and strategies, additional and replacement equipment is needed in order to keep up with industry standards. This $500.00 grant will purchase additional and replacement equipment for onsite live broadcasts include: Powered Speakers, Portable padded Speaker Tote Bags for proper and safe transport. By giving students access to this equipment and teaching them new methods of technology, we will be keeping up with industry standards.

3. Grant: Phenomenal Men and Women Bridge Program – Karla Calloway, ED Cluster RTSE and Margaret Flagg, MCPS Social Worker
Paint Branch High School’s Phenomenal Men and Woman Bridge Program group strives for education, understanding, and goal setting techniques for the autism program. The $500 grant will be used to enhance social/emotional learning so the students will acquire skills to plan, organize, and look forward to what comes after High School.  The grant is designed to fund activities including speakers, field trips, writing resumes and helping to supply students with food, snacks and juices when and if they are not provided at home. The activities will range from a kick-off get-together to scheduled speakers from staffing companies, professionals including a physician, psychologist, nutritionist, social worker, and invited guests to speak on individual student’s professional interests.

This grant will enable these Phenomenal Men and Women to encourage each other and support each other in order to become hopeful, responsible, and active members of their community and encourage them in becoming socially independent in order to go on to post-secondary education. Our mission, our purpose, is to provide an open forum to help these young men and women help themselves through education, discussion, inclusion, and modeling.

4. Grant: Building Functional Fitness into PE Classes – Cecilia Chivers, Health Education Resource Teacher
This $500 grant will be used to purchase multiple sets of many of the functional equipment that is already present in the school. This equipment includes TRX bands, resistance bands, Kettle Bells, Slam balls, Bosu Balls, and sand bags. In addition to being portable, this equipment is safer for students to use than typical fixed machines and heavy weights in the weight room. This will allow staff to increase adaptation for students at a variety of athletic abilities from the strongest to the least experienced. Functional fitness not only targets experienced athletes, but also is designed to get the novice athlete into shape. It is comprised of targeting several muscles at a time and practicing exercises that will improve the way we move on a daily basis (i.e. pushing, pulling, squatting, hinging, rotating, carrying and balancing). Many of our students come to PE with very little physical literacy. Exercises such as simple squats, pushups, sit ups, and dips are a challenge for many of them. These are things that they will need to be able to do for the rest of their lives in order to function and feel energized.

This year’s goal for students is instilling the love of lifelong movement. Functional fitness is FUN! This type of movement develops fitness and consolidates sport-specific skills. Students develop fitness opportunities through the combination of aerobic and strength gaining exercises. The grant will help to grow specific equipment needs in order to incorporate more “functional” fitness into the curriculum.

5. Grant: Celebrating Academic Success – Christine Genua, Resource Teacher for Special Education
This $500 grant will be used to celebrate academic successes for students with IEPs in the Special Education Programs; Learning and Academic Disabilities (LAD), Learning for Independence (LFI), and Autism Bridge. The school recognizes honor roll students but many students with IEPs don’t meet this target so the funds will be used to celebrate students who earn a 2.0 GPA. Students are motivated by the recognition of the hard work they accomplished and the grades that were the result of this work, so these celebrations will encourage them to continue to strive for academic success.

Celebrations will occur after grades are posted for the first three quarters of the school year, and will include students at all grade levels.

6. Grant: Community Outreach Work Project – Ravilia McMiller, Paraeducator, Alternative Program, and Varsity Girls Basketball Coach
The Girls Varsity Basketball Team is involved in community outreach efforts including Habitat for Humanity, College Tours, and Soup Kitchen Activities. They will be performing the following services: for Habitat for Humanity they will be assisting in building homes for the less fortunate, for the Soup Kitchen they will be helping serve food to needy families and providing community service to the community. Also, the coaching staff wants to provide the young ladies with an opportunity to visit college campuses to talk with other educators in order to encourage them to continue their education by providing more guidance and support, by actually having the opportunity to get more in depth with the different schools, and by talking with other student athletes about their experiences and having a more hands on feel for life after high school.

The $500 grant will help cover transportation costs so that all students on the team will be able to participate in these activities.

7. Grant: Newseum Field Trip for the LFI Students – Katherine Vancavage, Special Education Teacher, and Christine Genua, Resource Teacher for Special Education
Students have been learning about how America was discovered and the events that shaped our history. In addition, within their English classes they have read/listened to current events through Scholastic Action News, News-2-You, and CNN10. Having the opportunity to visit this museum will create an incredible learning experience for the students to see what has happened in the past and how is shapes the future. This project is tied to the needs of the students because it gives them an opportunity to visit a museum, which many have never done. Giving them this experience may be a once in a lifetime event! The students have the chance to see artifacts from historical events which they can come back and write about, as they continuously work on recall of information and comprehension skills; A number of IEP goals and objectives will be addressed by having this opportunity.

This $500 mini grant will help with multiple areas of need for the students to participate in this learning experience by helping reduce the cost of a charter bus into Washington D.C., helping reduce the cost of a lunch for the students (and admission is FREE!), and supporting parents financially who may want to come on the field trip.

8. Grant: Restaurant Management & Culinary Arts Program: The Panther Paw – Christopher Yep, Restaurant Management Teacher
Students who participate in the Restaurant Management & Culinary Arts Program receive experience and learn the necessary skills to prepare them for employment, entrepreneurship, and/or post-secondary education related to the food service industry. However, as the culinary world is ever-changing with new skills, techniques and strategies, additional and replacement equipment is needed in order to keep up with industry standards.

The $500 grant will allow the program to keep up with the newest methods in the culinary world, by helping to fund a commercial ice cream maker to teach students healthier versions of this usually sugar-laden dessert. Students will learn both sweet and savory ways to create ice cream and sorbets—while focusing on reducing sugar and creating a delicious and healthful food item. The creation of ice cream & sorbets is now something all chefs are expected to have experience with. By giving students access to this equipment and teaching them new methods, they will be keeping up with industry standards.

PBHS Educational Foundation to Cease Operation in Summer of 2018

The PBHS Educational Foundation was founded in 2007 and exists to provide financial support to staff and students of Paint Branch High School. Your Foundation spends almost 100% of all funds raised in two ways.

1) By providing mini-grants to staff each fall that provide financial support for educational activities that are not in the MCPS budget. Examples include:

  • Bio-diversity projects for 120 students
  • Chorus and Band performances at the Atlanta Festival
  • Grow Light system for use by 400 biology students
  • Funds to build a second TV production set and zoom lenses for photojournalist students
  • Measurement equipment for a Physics Video Studio

2) By providing scholarships to graduating seniors that can be used for higher education costs including college, technical and trade schools.

Over the past 9 years the Foundation has invested:

  • $32,000 in scholarships to seniors, and,
  • over $21,000 in mini-grants to Paint Branch High School staff

Almost all of the current members of the all volunteer Board of Directors have been serving since its inception. We have remained on the Board because we feel the work we do makes a difference to our staff and students. However, after much debate, we have reached the difficult decision that we will cease operation in the summer of 2018.

As you consider a charitable contribution this year that will directly impact the entire school community, think of the PBHS Educational Foundation. All funds will be disbursed before we shut down. All of your donations are completely tax-deductible because we are a 501(c)(3) organization. Make your gift today by visiting our donation page and read more about how your contributions are used.

We are still selling Keepsakes for the 10th Anniversary special price of any two for $20 – you must purchase two to get this price, so find a friend and place your order! This is below what it cost us to acquire them, but since we have paid for them already, all sales are pure profit. All funds from these final sales will go directly to mini-grants and scholarships. If you have been putting off getting a Keepsake, please order them now so that we can use the funds this year! You can find an order form on our website, as well as attached to this message. Please note that there are limited quantities available.

We will be selling Keepsakes before the school play in November.

We want our last year to be our biggest ever in terms of mini-grants and scholarships. All donations and keepsake purchases helps us reach that goal!

We would like to especially thank all our supporters and faithful donors over the years. You have made all we did possible!


Paint Branch High School Educational Foundation Awards $5,000 in Scholarships to Seniors

The Paint Branch High School Educational Foundation awarded ten scholarships to Paint Branch Seniors totaling $5,000.00 to be applied to the college or technical school of their choice.

The Educational Foundation awarded nine $500 Educational Foundation Scholarships. Also awarded was an Athletic Association Scholarship for $500.00 sponsored by the Paint Branch High School Athletic Association. The winning student-athlete earned at least one varsity letter, was academically successful in the classroom, and demonstrated leadership skills at school or in the community.

The seniors who won the scholarships are:

Paint Branch HS Educational Foundation Scholarships:

  • Maryam Abdur-Rahman, Montgomery College
  • Steven Anderson, University of Maryland, College Park
  • Davina Anyanwu, Towson University
  • Kelsie Challenger, University of Maryland, College Park
  • Glenn Jones, Jr., North Carolina A&T State University
  • Annabel Lee, University of Maryland, College Park
  • Sara Morgan, Howard Community College
  • Ayibatari Owei, Smith College
  • Abdul Samateh, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Paint Branch High School Athletic Association Scholarship:

  • Evan Burgess, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

All students were asked to write a 500 word essay interpreting and reacting to a quote from Kofi Annan, a Ghanaian Diplomat, seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations, and co-recipient of the 2001 Nobel Peace Prize.

“Ignorance and prejudice are the handmaidens of propaganda. Our mission, therefore, is to confront ignorance with knowledge, bigotry with tolerance, and isolation with the outstretched hand of generosity. Racism can, will, and must be defeated.” Kofi Annan

This quote resonated with the Educational Foundation Board Members because being a diverse school, Paint Branch students have always learned from each other, meeting people of different backgrounds, races, cultures, countries of origin, ethnic heritages, economic backgrounds, and so on, and becoming friends. Students were asked to interpret the above quote and relate it to their time here at Paint Branch High School as well as to their educational future.

From the initial group of applications, the Board of Directors selected the top applicants to interview. Interviews were then held and the ten scholarship winners were selected. The scholarships were presented to the students at the Academic Awards night held at Paint Branch High School in May 2017.